IS Accounts Management and Compliance

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The IS Accounts Management office is responsible for software asset management, contract management, domain management, and telecommunication accounts management. Our software asset management responsibilities include maintaining software license compliance; tracking the inventory and usage of software assets; and maintaining standard policies and procedures related to the University’s software assets. Our contract management responsibilities include assisting in the review and negotiation of IT contract terms and ensuring compliance of those contracts. Our domain management responsibilities involve managing the 250 plus domain names the University currently owns. IS Accounts Management is also responsible for maintaining all IT telecommunication accounts. Our office makes sure the University is properly billed by our respective telecom providers by reviewing the monthly bills and allocating the bill’s charges back to appropriate University entities.

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Software Compliance Team

Ivie Lilly

Drew Fail
Associate Software Compliance Officer

Tiffany Eddy
Associate Software Compliance Officer



Ben Haseltine
Process Manager

Nina Baker
Associate Software Compliance Officer

Curtis "Buck" John