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Friday, August 24, 2012 Parking Team

Various Departments

During a period of high-demand at the beginning of the school year, over 20 IT staff members devoted time to assist the Liberty University Police Department with the issuance of parking decals and processing of vehicle registrations. These staff members went above and beyond their usual job duties to ensure our students had a smooth first week of school! 

Thank you to the following IT staff:

  • Craig Hara
  • Tianna Donigan
  • David Guthrie
  • Antony Trupe
  • Carolyn Wagner
  • Aaron Lawler
  • Lee Bishop
  • Andrew Mallory
  • Carla Lentz-Bales
  • Kendra Jenkins
  • Joe Marshall
  • Tara Hineline
  • Krishna Coleman
  • Traci Simone
  • Lucas Dollarhite
  • John Gauger
  • Jessica Johnson



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