myLU Information For HelpDesk & LUO Agents

Please note that the University is moving away from the term splash page and moving forward, we will be using the term portal or myLU portal.


This information has been created to provide telephone agents in LU Online and the IT HelpDesk quick answers to frequently asked questions about myLU. Agents can then share with these answers with their customers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is myLU?

  • myLU is a new portal page that combines information from multiple sources to present students, faculty, and staff quick access to everything that is important to them at LU. myLU will be replacing the existing splash page.

How do I get to myLU?

  • You can access myLU at After January 9th, the existing website login will take users directly to myLU.

Why are we switching to myLU?

  • Several years ago, Information Technology under the direction of the Office of the President started working on multiple projects to help make our student experience even easier. These include our Financial Check-In, the Net Price Calculator, our Housing application, an easier account creation process, and now, myLU. The new myLU streamlines many aspects of being a student at Liberty, providing easy one-click access to many essential applications. 

What is a widget?

  • A widget is a small application that displays relevant information. An example would be a weather widget that displays the local weather. 

How do I get to Blackboard?

  • Blackboard and other Liberty accounts, like ASIST, are available in the "My Access" widget, under "My Accounts." If you can't find this widget, you may have accidentally removed it and need to re-add it (see below).

How do I add a widget?

  1. Click the box with the plus sign in the top-right corner of the page.

  2. Choose the widget you would like to add from the list displayed. 

  3. Choose "Add Widget."

How do I remove a widget?

  1. Hover your mouse in the top right corner of the widget.
  2. Click on the gear icon.
  3. Click "Remove." 

How do I move a widget?

You can move a widget by clicking and dragging colored title bar of the widget. Drag the widget to a new position on the page, and then release the mouse button to "drop" the widget in place. 

How do I solve miscellaneous issues?

Most issues with myLU can be resolved by clearing the cache and the cookies of the browser. We also recommend ensuring that you are using a modern web browser, such as IE 9, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome.