Jerry Falwell Library


Within the Computer Labs there are multiple standard classrooms. Each classroom is equipped with a teacher’s workstation, individual use computers and LCD Projector with audio and video connections. Most classrooms are available for student use when classes are not in session.




Special Use/Software

DH 2176 PC 24 Students FACS Software
DH 2177 PC 12 Students Music & Keyboard Lab
DH 2180 MAC 30 Students  
DH 2181 MAC 30 Students Video Editing Lab
DH 2183 MAC 48 Students  
DH 2186 PC 24 Students  
DH 2187 PC 26 Students  
DH 2190 MAC 36 Students  
DH 2191 PC 27 Students  
DH 2226 PC 25 Students Developmental Math Lab
DH 2236 PC 28 Students Language Lab
DH 3336 PC 30 Students  
DH 3339 MAC 30 Students Video Editing Lab
DH 3345 MAC 25 Students  
DH 3346 PC 53 Students  


Specialized Classrooms

In addition to the standard classrooms, the Computer Labs also has several rooms with specialized equipment and software meant to meet the needs of undergraduate programs such as video editing, language, music, and graphic design.

Music & Keyboard Lab
DH 2177

The Music & Keyboard Lab is equipped with 12 Yamaha Clavinova Pianos in addition to 12 computers
containing software designed for Music students. Adapters for headphone use can be checked out at the support desk on the second floor.

Specialized Software/Hardware

  • Finale 2010
  • SoundTrek JAMMER Professional
  • Yamaha Clavinova Piano

Video Editing LabsVideo Lab
DH 2181 & DH 3339

There are two Video Editing Labs which are primarily designed for video editing students. Each of the 30 computers is equipped with special software as well as a 24" High Definition monitor.

Specialized Software/Hardware

  • Adobe Audition
  • Apple Final Cut Studio
  • Avid Media Composer
  • Avid ProTools
  • Final Draft
  • M-Box

Language Lab Language Lab
DH 2236

The Language Lab contains special equipment designed for language study. In addition to the following added software, headsets are also available for each of the 29 computers.

Specialized Software/Hardware

  • Sanako Lab 300