IT System Operations

IT System Operations is responsible for the design, installation, configuration, management, and repair of the various servers and services in use by the University. The teams that make up System Operations focus on building, implementing, fixing, operating and providing solutions through speed and tactics in order to support the overall health and growth of the IT environment. Teams are broken down into STRYK Teams, with an Architect Team, and the Operations Command Center (OCC). All teams strive for 100% uptime of their joint systems as well as 24x7x365 availability for their business groups.

System Operations Technology Focus:

  • Data Center Operations
  • Microsoft Infrastructure
  • General Systems Administration and Middleware
  • Database Administration
  • Systems Infrastructure 



Zach Crouthamel    
IT System Operations    
Steven Crowder Christian Gravatt Kevin Davis
Architect Team Lead, Versia STRYK Team Lead, Huntsmen STRYK Team Lead, Marsof
IT System Operations IT System Operations IT System Operations
Michael Boorman Matt Pearson Stosh Oldham
STRYK Team Lead, Rangers STRYK Team Lead, Delta STRYK Team Lead, Raiders
IT System Operations IT System Operations IT System Operations
Hannah Womack    
Office Manager    
IT System Operations