Outage Information

This page is the official source of information from Liberty University Information Services.

Information Services would like to make you aware of an upcoming Banner downtime. This downtime is scheduled for:

  • Date and Time of Downtime:
    • Taken Offline: Friday, June 30th at 8:00 p.m.
    • Online by: Saturday, July 1st at 2:00 a.m.

Please note that the myLU portal will be available and will link to other Liberty services including Blackboard, Student Email, and Staff Email.


Student Impact

Financial Check-In, EZ-Proxy (Off-campus access to full-text library resources), most streaming videos (including in Blackboard courses), housing registration, and class registration are the major tools that will be unavailable during this time. For a full list, see the Services Impacted section below.

Blackboard access for students will remain available during this time. 


Faculty Impact

In addition to the services listed below, posting final grades, early warning, and the student roster functionality in Blackboard will be unavailable. All other Blackboard functions will remain online.


Staff Impact/Services Impacted

  • Account Creation Tool
  • ActivityTool 2
  • Admissions Gateway (CFAW)
  • Argos job submission and reporting
  • Banner (INB and ASIST)
  • Banner Xtender
  • Beacon
  • Blackboard - Faculty (Early Warning, Post Final Grades, Student Roster, Non-Academic Incident Report, Academic Incident Report)
  • Blackboard Course Restore Tool
  • Book Vouchers
  • Campaign Enterprise
  • Canvas enrollments/registration for LUOA
  • Canvas Utilities LTI
  • CRM (Activities should not be utilized/edited during this downtime)
  • Degree Works
  • EZProxy (Off-campus access to full-text library resources)
  • Faculty Hierarchy Tool
  • Faculty Portfolio Tool
  • Financial Check-In
  • Flames Pass Photo Upload
  • Homecoming Registration and Alumni Registration Admin
  • IT Marketplace
  • Leads Processing
  • LU Assignment Scheduler
  • LU Card ID Scan (Card Swipe/Swiper)
  • LU Disburser
  • LU Events Admin
  • LU Temp ID
  • LU Today App (Blackboard, Degree Completion Plan, Flames Pass, Directory, and Media modules)
  • LURes
  • Media.Liberty.edu (streaming videos)
  • Memberships
  • MyParkingDecal (LUPD Admin)
  • Online payment transactions (all)
  • Online Student Application Submission
  • Online Transcript requests
  • P-Card System
  • SharePoint will remain online but Banner-related workflows will be down
  • TicketReturn
  • Transportation Request (Shuttles)
  • Visual Zen (VZ) Application Processing
  • Visual Zen (VZ) Events
  • Visual Zen (VZ) Orientation
  • WebCheckout
  • WebCheckout Import Job
  • 25 Live



Information Technology works to minimize the occurrence of outages, both planned and unplanned. We have policies and systems in place to allow us to perform most network maintenance without customer impact, but occasionally, planned downtime period is needed. If you have any comments about the upcoming outage, please email itfeedback@liberty.edu