Customer service at Liberty University continues to be at the forefront in improving the student experience.  The Student Service Center (compromised of Student Accounts, Financial Aid, and the Registrar) is one area that Liberty has been striving to improve for its students to make their time at Liberty much more enjoyable.

How do I get access to sharepoint

The Student Service Center (SSC)  receives roughly 78,000 student visits annually; answering questions and helping students with a range of issues all pertaining to their enrollment at the university.

In an effort to become more student friendly, the SSC has partnered with Information Services to deploy a Microsoft SharePoint solution that will automate and improve several key processes.  One such process is a manual paper process that is being transformed into a digital process. This change is helping with transparency and will ultimately give managers and supervisors insight into process success through real-time metrics  which translates into better management decisions.  Because of digital processes, the SSC can now also provide students with information such as wait times, number of people waiting in front of them, and applicable announcements.

Other than being more responsive to students, benefits of the SharePoint solution include savings that are being realized in staff efficiency because of cross training that is occurring and paper forms that are no longer needed with each visit.  “The Student Service Center has gone green” said Elizabeth Winquist, who is a Supervisor for the Student Service Center.

To find out more information about Information Services or Microsoft SharePoint, please visit their websites.

 More Information

If you would like more information about the Liberty University Student Service Center, please call 434-592-5100.