The ABET accreditation is an extremely detailed process that requires a tremendous about of collaboration, documentation and attention to detail.

How do I get access to sharepoint

The School of Engineering and Computational Science adopted Sharepoint services last year to meet the demands of the ABET documentation.

Scott Pleasants, Manager of Technology and SEC/EMI Labs, saw the potential of using Sharepoint for this task. 

SharePoint has been a tremendous addition to our resources and has become vital to our achieving ABET accreditation.   Previously, we had been using the departmental shared storage to track all our data, resources, and reports. This posed several problems, among which the most significant are off campus access, security, and tracking changes." 

SharePoint gave us access from any location and the ability to work from any computer.  As we needed to collaborate with our ABET consultants, we were able to easily share our documentation with them.

Tracy Everhart, ABET Accreditation Coordinator, stated that the versioning features within Sharepoint have been invaluable. Being able to see who accessed a file, who made changes to a file, and when changes were made have enabled us to keep much more accurate account of our information.

When the ABET team comes to campus, SharePoint will allow us to present our materials in a nicely organized, professional fashion."

 More Information

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