Media Services - Classroom Support

Scheduling AV Equipment

Email Media Services at at least 48 hours in advance to make a reservation for AV equipment. You will be notified at your Liberty email address regarding the status of the reservation. Please indicate the date, beginning time, ending time, location and equipment needed and indicate the name of anyone other than yourself who will be picking up the equipment.

Canceling Equipment

If you make a reservation and fail to pick it up the WebCheckout software will cancel your reservation.  If you do not need the equipment for a reserved time please notify prior to that time so we can allow someone else to use these limited resources.

LCD Projectors

We currently have eleven projectors in the AV Library that you can schedule. These can be placed on a cart as needed.  We also have six projectors in carry cases for locations off campus.    We also have six portable screens for use with the LCD projectors.

LCD Screens and VCR's

Our LCD Screen/VCR setups consist of three 52" screens, two 46" screens and one 32 inch screen.  Screens are placed on a rolling cart(2)n with balloon tires and may be used outside of the DeMoss Building, and the rest are on moblie stands and may only be used within the DeMoss building.  All of these have a VCR on the second shelf.


There is other equipment available in the AV Library, like sound amplifiers, CD players, and document cameras. You can email to see if we have the type of equipment you need.


We do not have sufficient staff to deliver and pick up equipment. Should you be physically handicapped or impaired  we suggest you have a student assigned to pick it up and return the equipment.