Borrowing Policies

Customer Service Center
(434) 582-2506

The Borrowing Services Department facilitates access to physical library materials and is the place to pick up Interlibrary Loan materials. Liberty students, faculty, and staff may borrow materials. Community members may borrow materials with the payment of a $10 annual fee. Alumni may request a complimentary Community Card.

Periodicals and reference materials are for library use only and do not circulate
Except to faculty and staff by special arrangement.

Faculty may put any type of materials on reserve for either 3 hours or 3 days.
Reserve items are only available to Liberty students, faculty, and staff.

Item Pick-Up

  • Students, staff, and community members must check out items themselves using their own card.
  • Faculty can

Borrowing Period

General items 30 Days or end of semester (60 Days for faculty)
DVDs 7 Days
Curriculum Materials 3 Days
Reserve items 3 Hours or 3 Days

Item Checkout Limit

General items  
 Undergraduate Students and Staff 25
 Faculty 50
 Graduate Students 35
 Community Members and Alumni 10
DVDs 3
Curriculum Materials 3
Reserve items 3

Renewing Items

Renew items through your library account or by contacting the Customer Service Center or the Curriculum Library. Renewals are not allowed for items on which other customers have placed a hold.

Renewal Limits
Number of times an item can be renewed in the same checkout period.

General items 1
DVDs 1
Curriculum Materials N/A
Reserve items N/A

Returning Items

Customers are responsible for returning borrowed items in satisfactory condition to the Customer Service Center, the book drop across from the Tinney Cafe in the Jerry Falwell Library, or the book drop at Green Hall in the stairwell to the left of the main entrance. Failure to do so may result in replacement charges.

Note: Customers who receive overdue notices for items already returned should report this to the Customer Service Center at once.


Failure to pay charges will result in the loss of borrowing privileges. Any customer with 1 lost or 5 overdue items will be suspended from borrowing materials.

Overdue Items

Faculty and staff are exempt from overdue fines.

General items $.20/Item per day ($10/Item Maximum)
DVDs $5/item, per day ($50/item maximum)
Curriculum Materials $5/item, per day ($50/item maximum)
Reserve items 3 Hour - $1/item, per hour ($30/item maximum)
3 Day - $5/item, per day ($50/item maximum)

Lost Items

General items more than 45 days overdue are considered lost
DVDs more than 10 days overdue are considered lost
Curriculum Materials more than 1 day overdue are considered lost
Reserve items more than 1 day overdue are considered lost

Lost Item Fees

  • Replacement cost of the item plus a $10 processing fee.
    • If a price can't be found or the item isn't available, $45 plus the $10 processing fee.
    • Customers can provide a replacement in acceptable condition to avoid the replacement charge.

Grace Period

  • There is a 2 week grace period after an item is declared lost, before billing begins.
    • If items are returned or replaced during the grace period, only the $10 processing fee will be charged.
    • After the 2 week grace period, no credits or refunds will be given and replacements will not be accepted.
    • Reserve items will be billed immediately with no grace period.

Payment of Charges

  • Students’ accounts will be billed for overdue fines, damaged materials, and lost items.
  • Faculty, staff, and Community members may pay charges at the Customer Service Center and the Curriculum Library.
    • The Customer Service Center and the Curriculum Library accepts cash or check.