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Monday, August 22, 2011
Summon "cookie" problem

If you get an error message about "enabling cookies" when you are trying to access an item you have found through a search in Summon, you may need to check your browser settings as described below to enable "Cookies". Cookies are small files stored on your computer by websites so that they can track where you are on the website, whether you have certain rights, etc.

This problem only occurs when using the Internet Explorer browser, so you also could try switching to another browser, preferably Mozilla Firefox.

But, below are the instructions for setting cookies for Internet Explorer. 

1. Click on the tools menu and select Internet Options
2. Click on the Privacy tab
3. Pull the slider down all the way so that the setting is "Accept all cookies". Once you are able to access online Library resources, you can experiment with higher privacy settings to see which ones will still allow access. Please note that the default Privacy setting in Internet Explorer prevents access to Library online resources.
4. In the Privacy tab, make sure that "Block popups" is not ticked. Some databases use popups and will not work if they are blocked.
5. Click Apply
6. Click OK
7. Close your browser, and then reopen it to ensure that the new settings are used.

Only Internet Explorer needs instructions, as all other browsers have cookies on by default.

Posted by Jeffrey Dull at 8:08 AM | Comments (0)