Donating to the Liberty University Archive

If you are interested in donating materials to the Liberty University Archive please feel free to contact the archivist, Abigail Sattler: 434-592-3891, For more information on the archive’s donation policy please see the Collection Policy below.   If your materials are accepted, please be sure to fill out a Donation Form for the archive. If there are any questions about the form or the Collection Policy please contact the archivist for more information.

Collection Policy

The Archive will acquire material from and about the following entities: Liberty University, Thomas Road Baptist Church, Jerry Falwell Ministries, the Moral Majority and the Old-Time Gospel Hour. The Archive will acquire unpublished documents and records, books, pamphlets, periodicals, newspapers, maps, posters, photographs, audiotapes, video tapes, film, other media, digital materials, memorabilia, and other printed materials.

The Archive will collect additional materials with the following foci:

  • Organizations and individuals who had close connections with any of the above mentioned entities.
  • Leading figures who played an important or prominent role in the above mentioned entities.
  • Histories, themes and impacts of Baptist tradition in the United States.

Materials may be added by gift, bequest, purchase or any other transaction by which title passes to the Archives. Final decisions about which materials will be added to the collections are to be made by the Archivist in accordance with standard archival appraising guidelines. It is the responsibility of the donors to ensure that the Archive has their current contact information in case of withdrawals or researcher requests for exceptions to restrictions.

In order to maintain and improve on the quality of the collection, materials may be deaccessioned at any time due to irrelevance, lack of space, duplication, irreparable condition, or transfer to another archival institution. Any deaccessioning of materials must be approved by the Archivist. If materials are deaccessioned the Archives will first attempt to contact the original donors and return the materials to them before the materials are disposed of in other ways unless the owners have indicated that they do not want the materials back.

In order to make a donation, please fill out the Archives Donation Form.