Media Services - Classroom Support

Meet Our Staff

Main Campus

Fred Spearin

Director of Media Services and Classroom Support

Background: I came to Liberty Baptist College, now called Liberty University, in July of 1978. I earned a B. A. degree in 1982 and a M.A. degree in 1986. I became the first full time Dean of Commuting Students in 1982. I moved to the position of Director of Campus Computing in 1986. I left in 1990 and went to UVA. I returned to Liberty University in 1997 and have been here since. I was involved in the original network design and wiring of the campus in 1998. I was the team leader for the purchasing of the Nortel telephone switch to avoid a Y2K crises with the AT&T telephone switch we had at the time. I became Director of Media Services during the summer of 2002. I was involved in the original design and installation of the Smart classrooms until summer of 2006. Our goal in Media Services/Classroom Support is to support all the classrooms needs and provide immediate front line support for the faculty in the classroom environment.
Hobbies: I like to spoil my wife and two children and four grandchildren. I like to construct things. I have built four houses in Virginia and one house in Massachusetts.

Philip Walck

Manager-Maintenance Technician , Second Shift  Main Campus

Background: I am a pastor’s son originally from Pennsylvania and graduated from high school in Central Florida. I spent 4 years in the US Navy before going to a tech school in Allentown, PA. I have been involved with electronics assembly, mechanical assembly, and A/V support for many years. I decided to move to Lynchburg due to large technology companies leaving eastern Pennsylvania and for the opportunity to work for a Christian University.
Hobbies: I enjoy swimming, reading, watching movies, computer games and cooking.

Matthew Gray

 Support Specialist Tier 1, Main Campus

Background: I am a Lynchburg, VA native and growing up I was always trying to disassemble anything that was broken around the house. I have currently enrolled within the School of Engineering and Computational Science department completing my Undergraduate in Computer Engineering. I was a student worker at Media Services for two semesters before being moved into an Apprentice position.
Hobbies: I enjoy reading, tinkering on my computer, and was a competitive shooter for nine years.