Bandwidth Usage

Liberty University Information Technology allocates all users 40 gigabytes of bandwidth per month. Most students will never come close to this limit; 98% of all students are well under this limit.

Streaming usage per hour. Actual amount may vary significantly. 


Why do we have a limit?

  • Liberty has steadily increased the amount of bandwidth available by well over 260% since 2009 in response to increasing load. To ensure that our network remains responsive and fast for academic usage, we have imposed a bandwidth limit to try to curb excessive bandwidth usage that may negatively affect others. 

How is my bandwidth measured?

  • Your bandwidth usage is attached to your university username. All devices registered to your username will use bandwidth attached to your limit. This includes your computer, gaming consoles, streaming media devices, mobile devices, etc. Bandwidth is only measured while using Liberty University's network. Network usage not on Liberty University's network does not count towards your bandwidth limit. 

How do I know if I'm coming close to the limit?

  • You can check how much bandwidth you are using via myLU. Our system also automatically sends out notification emails when you are nearing or have reached your limit.

What happens when I reach the limit?

  • Upon reaching the bandwidth limit, your connection will automatically be slowed to a speed similar to a lower-speed DSL connection. Your connection to Liberty-hosted systems, such as Blackboard, IPTV, and the university website will never be counted toward this limit or impacted by it. 

How do I check to see how much bandwidth I have used?

  • You can view your bandwidth usage in myLU by adding the Bandwidth Meter widget to your myLU homepage

How do I purchase more bandwidth?

  • Purchase more bandwidth by going to myLU and clicking on the Bandwidth Meter widget. 

Tips to reduce usage

  • Change your Netflix settings to lower-quality
  • Avoid P2P/Bittorrent/Usenet file sharing.
  • Applications such as Steam and Dropbox can use large amounts of bandwidth.
  • Make sure you close streaming media when not in use. 
  • Don't log in your friends devices to the network. 


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