Currently, Liberty University works with several different third party and in-house developed applications that separately manage the events that we host.

These events range from our “bring in the new year” Block Party  and Winterfest, to our annual Homecoming Weekend with campus concerts and College For A Weekends (CFAW) spread intermittently throughout. There are almost a numberless amount of activities that can be classified as an “Event”, so what does this look like for Liberty University?

That is the question that our team seeks to answer. With the management of our events being spread out over multiple applications and individually managed by different departments, organization of these events proves to be a difficult task. This decreases the communication and marketing of the events and limits the potential attendance for the smaller events that are less known. With a single source for all event information, Students, Alumni, Staff, Faculty, and Visitors alike will all know exactly where to look to find out what is happening around campus.  How detailed we should be is yet to be determined, as we are still in the initial form of team development. Our task is large and our goals are being defined as we move forward to an organized and user defined product that will enhance the University’s ability to be competitive on the Events Management forefront.


Events Management Team:

Kelly Mayhew
Project Manager