Student Financial Services

Student Financial Services is a suite of products that handle various transactions dealing with students' money. The objective of the Student Financial Services team is to deliver quality applicantions that meet the ever-changing needs of the students, their parents and the university as a whole.


  • Financial Check-In
    (For resident, LU Online, LUCOM, LU Online Academy students)
    An online tool which helps students to pay tuition and associated fees.
  • One-time Web Payments
    Facilitates online payments for a variety of services and products.
  • Confirmation Deposits
    Allows students to pay a fee securing their place in an upcoming academic term.
  • Online payments
    This term represents all of the different places - “portals” - that people use to give money to the university online.
  • DegreeWorks
    Automatically maps out a student’s degree completion plan for them. Students will be able to see what courses they have completed and those they still need to take in order to fulfill degree requirements. The long range vision is that Degree Completion Plan information will be fed into Financial Check-In making it an easier process for the student.


Product Release Notes


Student Financial Services Team:

Erica Shahinian-Miller
Product Manager

Amanda Irish
Project Manager

Ben Moomaw
Software Developer



Eddie Lovelace
Software Developer

Galen Yoder
Software Developer




Student Financial Services

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