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IT Development and Engineering

IT Development integrates business systems so they operate as a cohesive whole and simplify the customer's experience. IT Development's main responsibilities include:

  • Developing applications that meet core business needs and increase productivity in each area of the University.
  • Providing leadership to ensure that projects meet core business needs and are completed as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • Ensuring that all systems developed are defect free and ready for production before being released to customers and handed off to IT Operations.

Product Teams


IT Development Team

Chris Hara

Beth Laughlin
Manager (Software Engineering)

Brad Campbell
Manager (Software Engineering)

Lee Herbert
Manager (Software Engineering)

Victor Napolillo
Project Manager (Mobile)

Kelly Mayhew
Project Manager (Events)




Pete Amato
Project Manager (FCI)

Fred Spencer
Project Manager (myLU)

Erica Shahinian-Miller
Project Manager (CRM)

Tim Bryant
Project Manager (Maintenance)

Edgard Luz
Manager (Software Engineering)

Bill Tussi
Project Manager (LMS)