Wireless Information

IPTV Over Wireless


Personally owned wireless and wired routers and switches are prohibited. Adding unauthorized extensions to our network creates additional security risks that affect not only yourself, but everyone else using your device.

See the policies page for penalties

On-Campus Wireless

Information Technology has been working hard to implement a campus-wide wireless network. This network allows you to access the internet and other network resources while in range of one of our many wireless access points.

Wireless-Only Dorms Initiative

Liberty University has migrated to a completely wireless network for our student housing facilities. However, realizing some students may prefer a wired connection for items such as a gaming devices or desktop computers,  IT will continue to provide those upon request.

If you have a device that requires a network port

Traffic Priority

Liberty University has increased the available bandwidth of its network by 260% since 2009 in response to the increasing loads placed upon it by computer-savvy students and technology intensive coursework. The University is also setting limits on the amount of data users can download and upload each month. These two steps will help ensure that the network remains fast and responsive for all users, while curbing users who adversely affect others by exceeding a reasonable standard of usage.

The University must manage bandwidth carefully, so that students, faculty, and administrators can use secure, highly available applications while maintaining an open, flexible learning environment. However, the growing volume of bandwidth-intensive, peer-to-peer (P2P) traffic, streaming video, HD video downloads, and gaming applications pose a significant bandwidth management challenge.

Users will be allocated 40 gigabytes of bandwidth per month. That amount should far exceed the needs of any user for educational and recreational activities. While most users will never reach the 40-gigabyte limit, those that do will be limited to a reduced upload/download speed for the remainder of their 30-day period.  

Users have the option of purchasing additional bandwidth after the 40 gigabyte limit, at the rate of $1.00 per gigabyte. Purchasing bandwidth will return speeds to a normal amount for the remainder of the calendar month. 

Wireless Coverage Area

The entire campus is covered with wireless access points. Every academic and residence hall building is 100% wireless.