Alan Gillen, Ed.D.

Professor of Biology

Office: Micro/Molecular Hall (Dorm 13) 210
Phone: 434-582-2309 

B.A. Washington & Jefferson College
M.S. Ohio State University
Ed.D. University of Houston 

Courses taught 
BIOL 203 Introduction to Microbiology
BIOL 305 Parasitology
BIOL 400 Biology Seminar

Dr. Gillen was born in Uniontown, PA. After living in Pennsylvania for 21 years, he moved to Ohio and Texas for graduate study. He then spent seven years in graduate study in zoology at Ohio State and in medical microbiology at Baylor College of Medicine. His favorite occupation is integrating biblical themes with biology. He has written three books and two lab manuals on various biology topics. His books include: The Human Body: An Intelligent Design, and Body by Design: Fearfully & Wonderfully Made, and The Genesis of Germs: Plagues & Pestilences in a Fallen World

His major research interests are 1) handwashing and MRSA prevention 2) the creative design of bacteria, parasites, and the immune system 3) the origin of infectious & parasitic diseases. His hobbies include collecting antique microscopes and inventing new ways to take pictures using "cutting-edge" microscopes. He came to Liberty in the summer of 2004 and lives in Forest, VA with his wife, Jayne, and Logan, their adorable sheltie.