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Teaching Faculty

Dr. Brenda Ayres
Professor of English
Ph.D., Southern Mississippi
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Dr. Michael Babcock
Associate Professor of Humanities
Ph.D., Minnesota
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Dr. Mary E. Baggett
Associate Professor of English
Ph.D., Indiana
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Dr. Lynnda Beavers
Associate Professor of Communication
Ph.D., Kentucky
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Dr. David Beck
Professor of Philosophy
Ph.D., Boston University
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Dr. James Borland
Professor of Biblical Studies
Th.D., Grace
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Dr. Stephen R. Bowers
Professor of Government
Ph.D., Tennessee
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Dr. Timothy Brophy
Associate Professor of Biology
Ph.D., George Mason
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Prof. Catherine A. Buck
Assistant Professor of Information Services
M.B.A., Liberty
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Dr. David A. Croteau
Associate Professor of Biblical Studies
Ph.D., Southeeastern
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Dr. Carl Curtis
Professor of English
Ph.D., Dallas
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Dr. Claudia Dempsey
Assistant Professor of Religion
D.Min., Regent
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Dr. David Dewitt
Professor of Biology
Ph.D., Case Western Reserve
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Dr. Andrew Fabich
Assistant Professor of Biology
Ph.D., Oklahoma
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Dr. Kahlib Fischer
Associate Professor of Business
Ph.D., Regent
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Dr. Mark Foreman
Assistant Professor in Philosophy and Religion
Ph.D., Virginia
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Dr. Donald Fowler
Professor of Biblical Studies
Th.D., Grace 
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Dr. Fabio Freyre
Associate Professor of Psychology
Ed.D., Argosy
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Dr. Brianne Friberg
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Ph.D., Wisconsin
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Dr. Marilyn Gadomski
Professor of Psychology
Ph.D., Virginia Tech
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Dr. Kornel Gerstner
Assistant Professor of Digital Media and Communication Arts
M.A., Liberty
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Dr. Alan Gillen
Professor of Biology
Ed.D., Houston
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Dr. Mark Harris
Professor of English
Ph.D., Lehigh
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Dr. Harvey Hartman
Professor of Biblical Studies
Th.D., Grace
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Dr. Craig Hinkson
Professor of Theology and Philosophy
Ph.D., University of Chicago
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Dr. Michael S. Jones
Associate Professor of Philosophy
Ph.D., Temple
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Dr. Donald Love
Assistant Professor of Religion
Th.M., Southeastern
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Dr. Chad Magnuson
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Ph.D., Wisconsin
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Dr. Edward N. Martin
Professor of Philosophy and Theology
Ph.D., Purdue University
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Dr. Brian Melton
Associate Professor of History
Ph.D., Texas Christian
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Dr. Thomas Metallo
Associate Professor of Government
Ph.D., Miami
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Dr. John Morrison
Professor of Theological Studies
Ph.D., Virginia
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Dr. Faith Mullen
Associate Professor of Communication Studies
Ph.D. Nebraska-Lincoln
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Dr. William Mullen
Associate Professor of Communication Studies
Ph.D., Nebraska-Lincoln
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Dr. James Nutter
Professor of English
D.A., Mississippi
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Dr. Thomas Provenzola
Associate Professor of Philosophy and Theology
Ph.D., Trinity International
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Prof. Robert Rencher
Associate Professor of Business
M.B.A., Fairleigh Dickinson
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Dr. Nancy A. Richardson
Professor of Chemistry
Ph.D., Georgia
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Dr. Eugene Sattler
Professor of Biology
Ph.D., Maryland
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Dr. Paul Sattler
Professor of Biology
Ph.D., Texas Tech
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Dr. Michael Smith
Associate Professor of Biblical Studies
Ph.D., Dallas
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Dr. David Towles
Professor of Modern Languages
Ed.D., Virginia Tech
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Dr. Robert J. Tucker
Associate Professor of Computer Science
Ph.D., Georgia
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Dr. Tim Van Voorhis
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Ph.D., Wyoming
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Dr. Branson Woodard
Professor of English
D.A., Middle Tennessee State
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Dr. George Young
Associate Professor of Marketing
Ph.D., Michigan State
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