Tau Sigma National Honor Society
"Recognizing and Promoting the Academic Excellence and Involvement of Transfer Students"


2016 Induction Ceremony - Link works best with Firefox.


  • The Liberty University Chapter of Tau Sigma National Honor Society recognizes transfer students who have a 3.5 GPA or higher after their first semester at Liberty University.
  • Transfer students comprise 18% of Liberty University's new students each Fall and 20% of Liberty University's new students each spring.
  • In Spring 2009 Liberty University inducted 39 charter members.
  • Each year since Spring 2009, there has been an increase of transfer students who show outstanding excellence and have joined Liberty University's chapter.
    • Spring 2010 - 184
    • Spring 2011 - 345 (including Liberty University Online*)
    • Spring 2012 - 361*
    • Spring 2013 - 375*
    • Spring 2014 - 588*
    • Spring 2015 - 720*
    • Spring 2016 - 606*
  • The honor society is overseen by the leadership of Dr. Brian Yates, Dean of CASAS, and Mr. Clint Melton.

2016-2017 Liberty Chapter Officers

  • President - Kayla Yaeckel
  • Vice President - Catherine McCrary
  • Secretary - Rachel Lynn Birkeland
  • Technology Chair - Jared Hedrick
  • Treasurer - Cindy Zambrano

Membership Requirements

  • You must have transferred to Liberty University from another academic institution with at least 24 college credits at the prior institution(s).
  • You must be registered in a course of study leading to a bachelor's degree for an amount of work equal to an average full load (usually 12 to 15 hours - however, the definition of a full load is left to the discretion of each institution).
  • Your minimum academic average required for membership is either a 3.5 on a 4.0 scale at the end of your first semester here at Liberty University.


Congratulations to Christopher Davis as a scholarship recipient.


  • Tau Sigma - Transition and Scholarship
  • Red - courage when facing challenges of transition
  • Wheat - continual harvesting of success in all future endeavors


  • Tau Sigma was incorporated as a non-profit in 1999 with Auburn University being the home of the first chapter. At that time, Auburn University was becoming increasingly aware of the significant number of transfers on campus as well as the university’s inability to adequately serve them. Tau Sigma was born out of Auburn University’s desire to improve its service to and recruiting and retention of transfer students.
  • Today, over 100 other universities have established or are currently establishing Tau Sigma chapters in their efforts to improve the services that they provide to their transfer student population.