CSER 364-001 Aviation

Supervisor: Ernie Rogers (582-2183 or E-mail), Natalie M. Waters (582-2183 or E-mail), Bradley Blank (592-5660 or Email), Jenna Campbell (434-832-2599 or Email), Jim Malloy (582-7470 or Email), John Marselus (592-6682 or Email), James Mashburn (582-2177 or Email), Walt Reichard (592-04093 or Email), Wayne Tripp (592-6676 or Email)
Aviation CSER is reserved for students in the aviation program. Opportunities include tutoring aviation students, hosting aviation conferences, participating and supporting National Intercollegiate Flying Association events, air shows, and The State of Virginia Aviation Board events.

Last updated: 5/23/14

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