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Tuesday, August 16, 2016 5 Types of Articles

Sometimes when you’re researching, you have to look for certain types of articles. You might start getting confused at what the article types are called and how they are different. How often do people publish methodological articles, anyway?

It can be tough to find a specific type of article; after all, authors don't generally include information about article "type." Understanding what differentiates types of articles should speed up your research. The 6th Edition of the APA manual discusses five major types of scientific articles:

1. Empirical Studies

These studies involve original research or additional analysis completed on a previous project where certain data was not considered. Often, the paper proceeds in this order: introduction, method, results, and discussion.

2. Literature Reviews

This involves a detailed look at information and articles that have already been published. The author’s purposes are to illuminate problems, identify relationships between published information, look to the future of research in that area, and recap research in hopes of informing the reader how much research has been completed.

3. Theoretical Articles

This is where authors take previously published research to speculate on theories. These writers look at the theory’s development and advance it.

4. Methodological Articles

This involves new approaches to data. A methodological article usually proposes a new instrument or type of assessment, outlines some data to verify the validity and reliability of the instrument or method, and discusses unique benefits of the approach. 

5. Case Studies

These types of studies identify solutions to problems that are obtained when working with individuals. They are usually about a single individual or a small group, and provide both qualitative and quantitative information about the subject. 


If you would like more specific information on the types of articles and studies that can be published, check out pages 10-11 of the 6th edition APA manual, or come in and discuss it with us!

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