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Thursday, August 4, 2016 How to Actually Get Your Paper Done

Every college experience involves countless essays and papers that can make or break your GPA. Here are five ways to improve your success with writing assignments.

1. Know your prompt

Whether specific or open ended, every professor will give some sort of instructions with their assignment. Read through the entire prompt multiple times. If you don't understand something, ask your professor in class or with an email. Taking the time here will ensure you don't misunderstand the assignment or overlook any key points. Bonus: Read the grading rubric if it's provided. This will give you an idea of how the professor will be grading your assignment.

2. Make a plan

Resist the urge to simply write until you reach the minimum word requirement. Taking the time to develop and organize what you're going to say before starting will help you prevent rambling. Try freewriting to generate content, and then structure and an outline to give that content a skeleton.

3. Work in multiple sessions

Avoid the “all-nighter” scenario. If you crank out six pages at the last possible minute you won't produce your best work. Allowing your mind to reset between multiple writing sessions lets your content develop. Scheduling is hard, but even simply brainstorming ahead of time will afford your mind a longer window to develop the paper.

4. Spend time proofreading

Always revise your final product before submission. Losing points because of typos is frustrating because they can be easily fixed! Some simple proofing techniques include reading your essay out loud or reading it backwards, one sentence at a time. These tricks will help focus your mind on locating errors.

5. Visit the writing center

Getting another pair of eyes to look over your writing is always beneficial. Even if you feel like you're writing effectively and your essay is turning out excellent, coming in for a coaching session is worthwhile. Our aim is to help leverage all aspects of your writing process toward lasting benefits. Take the opportunity to hone your writing skills for every assignment.

These five tricks aren't exhaustive, but they will help guide your writing process. Implementing these strategies will improve the quality of your papers.

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