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Tuesday, August 2, 2016 Three Things to Check Before Submission

One of the most important steps to writing a professional paper is the final step, proofreading. There's a plethora of different things you can look to correct in your paper, but sometimes there just isn't enough time to correct every possible issue. This article will briefly explain the three things to look at before you submit your finished product.

1. Format

Perhaps the easiest mistakes to look for in your paper are formatting issues. The first step to checking formatting is to look at the basics of writing style. These basics include 12 point verdana font, double spaced lines, paragraph indentions, and one inch margins. The second step to checking formatting is looking at the more specific areas. These specifics depend on whether you are using APA, Turabian, or MLA. What you need to check at this point would be how your header, title page, citations, and reference page are set up. These are all relatively simple fixes that can boost your writing credibility.

2. Grammar

Basic grammar issues are more common mistakes to look for during your proofreading. The first step would be to find and eliminate any use of first or second person that may have slipped through the cracks. This can be done by utilizing Microsoft Word’s search function. Next would be to change all contractions to full words. These are all common mistakes, but once you practice eliminating them, it will become second nature to completely leave them out.

3. Content

The final and most time consuming step for proofreading would be looking for content inconsistencies. Content often takes the most time to analyze and correct, and because of this, you should mostly focus on if your thesis statement, topic sentences, and conclusion sentences effectively flow with each other and portray the point you are trying to prove with your paper.

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