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Friday, July 1, 2016 Commonly Misused Phrases

Do you want to be that student? The one who has really good ideas but somehow always distracts the professor with tiny mistakes? Misused phrases really stand out in an academic paper. Here are some commonly misused phrases.

1. All intents and purposes

Most people write “all intensive purposes,” which is the incorrect version of this phrase.

Example: “For all intents and purposes, a delicious sandwich is always better than a disgusting sandwich.”

2. Peace of mind

Make sure you are using the right spelling of “peace” instead of writing “piece of mind.” People don’t want a piece of your mind.

Example: “If you could please label the delicious sandwiches in the refrigerator with my name, it would really give me peace of mind that no one will eat them.”

3. Case in point

The incorrect version of this phrase is “case and point,” which separates “case” and “point” to make them two separate nouns. Don’t do that.

Example: “Case in point, the healthiness of a disgusting sandwich is incomparable to the wonderful goodness of a delicious sandwich.”

4. By accident

Please make sure you’re not saying “on accident.” The right preposition here makes a world of difference.

Example: “My mother ate my delicious sandwich by accident.”

5. Supposed to

“Suppose to” is incorrect. Make sure to keep the “d” at the end of the word in this case.

Example: “You were not supposed to eat the delicious sandwich in the fridge that had my name on it!!”

6. Should have

“Should of” just doesn’t make sense.

Example: “I knew I should have watched my delicious sandwich more closely.”

7. Regardless

“Irregardless” is the incorrect version of this phrase (and should light up with a beautiful red underline when you type it into your Microsoft Word because it is wrong). It’s also a double negative.

Example: “Regardless of whether or not my mother ate my delicious sandwich, I needed to pack my lunch.”

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