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Tuesday, May 31, 2016 Misspelled Words That Would Disappoint Your Parents

Here are some commonly misspelled or misused words that would disappoint your parents, not to mention your professors! Now you can be your own spell check. 

  • A part and apart: "A part" means "belongs to something," sort of like how you are a part of your family. Apart basically means the opposite. It means one thing is separate from something else. “Apart from chocolate, you are useless.”
  • Council vs. Counsel: A council is a group of decision makers. “The city council decided that everyone should mow their grass on Wednesday afternoons.” "Counsel" is wise advice. “The city council made this decision without the counsel of their leader.”
  • Affect and Effect: "Affect" is a verb that describes how something changes. So I could say,"The motivational speech really affected me and made me want to donate all of my money." "Effect" is the result of a change or action. “Eating four gallons of moose tracks ice cream had some negative effects.”
  • Along and a long: "Along" is a preposition that can describe how something is traveling or how details are laid out. An example of “along” is when someone is driving along the road, or when there are golden grapes along the crown molding of my grandparent’s attic. "A long" describes something that is long, but because “long” is an adjective, there needs to be a noun after it. You can’t just say “a long.” You need to say “a long sentence,” or “a long conversation about lady bugs and sunflowers.”
  • A lot and alot: "Alot" is not a word. Thus, anytime you are trying to describe a large amount of something without saying “a large amount of something,” say “a lot.”
  • Supposedly and supposably. "Supposably" is not a word! Make sure you say and write "supposedly."
  • Dessert and Desert: "Dessert" is a delicious, sweet ending to a meal. It has two s’s because you always want more! "Desert" only has one s. “I ate my delicious dessert in the hot desert.”
  • Massage and Message: A massage is a therapeutic treatment for muscle problems, while a message is something that you send someone. I could say, "I went to get a massage after I sent a message to my mom."
  • Fewer and Less: "Fewer" refers to countable items. "Less" refers to one item but less of it. I have fewer Oreos on my desk and I have less pudding than you do. 

Posted by Katrina Miller at 10:55 AM | Comments (0)
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