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Monday, May 23, 2016 Write like Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy is the classic superhero movie of an underdog rising up to save the world. In the movie, Peter Quill (Starlord) is a lonely scavenger until he comes across an orb, which is discovered to be extremely powerful and dangerous. The movie ends in a large battle where Starlord defeats the Kree army and puts the orb in safe hands.

This is just a basic summary, but the important thing to see is that the movie has the characteristics of a well-written essay.

  • Introduction: At the beginning of the movie, both Peter Quill and the orb are introduced—we learn that Starlord needs to put the orb in a safe place away from Ronan, the antagonist in the movie.

In relation to writing, your first paragraph should be like this. You need to explain your main points (how the orb needs to go to a safe place and stay away from Ronan), introduce the counterargument (the negative consequences of Ronan having the orb), and state the thesis (how Peter Quill will overcome physical obstacles to protect the orb and SAVE THE GALAXY).

  • Argument Paragraphs: Later in the movie, we learn more about the power and effects of the orb in each location the team visits.

This is like the body of your paper. The argument should be organized form least intense to most intense and should be explained fully. The movie starts with smaller battles for the orb (like the fight on the planet where the collector lives) that move to bigger battles (like the final battle at the end of the movie). 

  • Counterargument Paragraph: Near the end, when Ronan has obtained the orb and is using it to fight the team, Ronan survives a blast from an explosion.

A counterargument presents the result of a permitted action or how an opposing side would use a certain idea. In Guardians of the Galaxy, Ronan (the opposing argument) is seen with the infinity gem and uses it to destroy innocent people. A counterargument is closely related to offering a solution to the problem. In the movie, this is how the team decides to fight to place the orb in good hands.

  • Conclusion Paragraph: The movie ends with all aspects of the conflict resolved and the orb in good hands. The team is honored by the Nova Corps for their good work.

This mirrors the conclusion of the paper or argument where the main objective is recapped, the solution to the problem is implemented, and the purpose for resolving the argument or conflict is clear.

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