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Wednesday, May 18, 2016 5 Reasons to Visit Us BEFORE You Write

Allow me to introduce you to the most underrated service the writing center provides: brainstorming help. Why should you take advantage of this wonderful service? Let me tell you exactly what you can do with one of these amazing sessions. 

1. You figure out what you’re supposed to say.

Bring your prompt in. You tell us what you think the professor is asking you to write about. We tell you what we think the professor is asking you to write about. We work together to develop the most in-depth analysis of the prompt that the world has ever seen, allowing you to know exactly what you need to write about.

2. You figure out what you know.

Once we figure out what you need to write about, then we need to figure out what you already know that you can write about. We'll brainstorm topics based on your interests, experiences, or favorite class topics. We'll start with what you already know and move on from there. 

3. You figure out what you need to know.

We learn so much in all our classes, so it can be hard to remember everything. While you talk me through your paper, I’ll ask you questions. If you can’t answer them, then you have just figured out what you need to study a little more before you write the paper. 

4. You figure out what order to say it in.

At Liberty University, we are spoiled; we have dry erase table tops. My absolute favorite coaching activity is outlining papers on the dry erase tables. We can write all over these tables to mix and match your content into the best possible format. Then when you sit down to write your paper, you have a beautiful outline, mapping your route to success.

5. You figure out that you can do it.

In a mere 30 minutes you will leave the writing center with not just a crystal clear understanding or just a beautiful outline to your paper, but you will also leave the writing center with confidence. You’ve got this. You know how to write the most amazing paper the world has ever seen. Let us put your writing worries to ease by reminding you that you can do it.

And hey, if you struggle with the paper once you start writing it, there is this wonderful place that would love to help you. Maybe you’ve heard of it - it’s called the Undergraduate Writing Center!

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