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Monday, April 7, 2014
Working with Tables in Web Manager 2

Working with tables in WYSIWYG boxes is easy when you know how! This post will assist you in all things having to do with tables.

View a 2-minute video tutorial on creating tables

Creating Tables

  • To create a new table, simply use the "table" button in the WYSIWYG tool menu.
    table button
  • This will open the table properties for a new table. From here, you have options to set the number of rows/columns, the dimensions, border size, and alignment. In almost all cases, you want to set the width of your table to "100%" so that it uses the entire width of the page. 

    table properties

Editing Tables

  • There a few options for editing an existing table by right-clicking in the table, such as editing the cell, row, column, table properties, or deleting the table altogether. You can also delete individual cells, rows, or columns.

Cell Properties

  • "Cell Properties" offers many options for editing tables, and can be found by right-clicking in the desired cell and selecting "Cell" from the menu, and then "Cell Properties."
  • From here, you can set the alignment for the contents in the cell, set a background color (it is best to only use neutral colors, like gray), and adjust the width and height of the cell.

  • If you have set your table to a width of 100%, you can then set cells to a certain percentage of the table by changing the drop-down from "pixels" to "percent."
    Note: The width that you set for the cell will also adjust any other cells within the column.

More on Cells

  • Cells can be deleted, merged, and split. By right-clicking and selecting "Cell" from the menu, you will see these options for editing cells.
  • For merging cells, you can also highlight the cells you want to merge before right-clicking, and then be given the direct option to "Merge Cells" (as opposed to "Merge Right" or "Merge Down").

Cell Menu

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