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Thursday, April 18, 2013 Library Move Updates

UPDATED (Monday, July 1, 2013)

Due to scheduled construction and the demands of loading our print collection into bins for placement in the Robotic System, the Quiet Study Zone on the first floor has been closed. Quiet study space is still available on the third floor.

The Assistive Learning Center will be moving to one end of the 1st floor Quiet Zone by the end of July

Wednesday, April 17, the ILRC Guillermin Library took a big step toward moving the library’s resources into the new facility currently under construction. The first book was officially placed into a bin bound for the Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) housed in the basement of the soon-to-be Jerry Falwell Library. Marking the event with a small ceremony, the library staff showed their support for the efforts of Lowell Walters and his crew of workers. Rachel Schwedt, Head of Communication and Customer Services, opened the ceremony with comments in appreciation of their efforts and Mr. Walters, Associate Dean of Administration and Collection Services, offered a brief report on the preparation and pre-loading efforts thus far.

“Today is the marking of the beginning of the move,” Mr. Walters stated as he recapped on the early efforts of preparation which started almost a year ago.  Many employees will be involved in the bin loading effort. Abigail Sattler, Lonnie Kitchens and Anne Zimmermann will be the lead coordinators in the day-to-day effort of the project. Library software support and metadata systems are handled by Head of Cataloging and Metadata Services Tom Fesmire, System Administrator Buddy Shearer, and Cataloging Assistant Angela Thompson. Rusty and his team of collection development librarians will be using a bibliography created by Greg Smith to pull the oldest and least circulated items.

Many student workers have participated in early preparation efforts which included placing locator numbers on the text block of each item.  Three student workers were among those gathered for the inaugural bin: Jessica Reveley who recently joined the team, and Esther Stine and Trevor Brigg who were among the first group to contribute their efforts to the first phase of preparation last year.

“It was part of the Administration team’s earliest discussions to consider the ASRS as a means to help keep the cost of education down,” explained Mr. Walters. From the earliest discussions regarding the new library, a focus of the ILRC Administration has been one of financial stewardship. “We understood that whatever costs were associated with the new library, those costs would or could be passed to the student. It is in support of Liberty University’s mission that students not be burdened by large loans for their education. To do our part, to keep the costs down for the many years to come, it proved far less expensive, to put in the ASRS (only 1/7th to 1/9th  of the overall square footage cost). The system also will allow room for growth of the collection for years to come.
Mr. Walters closed his remarks with a prayer over the continued efforts of the move, for safety and timing, and the momentous loading of the first bin to go to the ASRS. Several library faculty, staff and students participated in a ribbon cutting ceremony. Refreshments were enjoyed afterwards in the Technical Services suite.



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