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Tuesday, May 17, 2011 Come see a page from a 1611 KJV Bible

A framed page of the book of Psalms from an original 1611 printing of the King James Bible, is now on display in the Integrated Learning Resource Center. Supplied to Liberty University by Sumner Wemp, a long-time supporter and former administrator of the school, the prized artifact honors the 400th anniversary of this important translation.

In addition to a page from the 1611 Bible, Wemp also provided a reproduction of a well-known painting of John Knox, a leader of the Protestant Reformation in England and Europe. Both pieces are beautifully framed by a graduate of Liberty University.

Also on display are two Bibles from Liberty’s archives: an Authorized Version of the Bible published in 1847 by David Keay Bible Warehouse and The Pictorial Bible published in 1857 by Robert Sears Publishers.

The Display cabinet features examples of various translations of the Bible across the centuries, starting with the Septuagint, a copy of the Latin Vulgate, and illustrations from the 9th century Celtic Illuminated Bible called the Book of Kells along with a variety of more modern translations. Also in the cabinet is a volume of a 19th century Hexaglot Bible, with text in Syriac, Greek, Latin, English, German and French in parallel columns.

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