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Thursday, April 28, 2011

by Jodie Walton III, Office Manager

Each day I wake up in my three-level townhouse (unless I'm out of town), in my full-size bed, with my 19-inch TV in my bedroom. Some of you may be reading this and saying to yourself, "That's it?" Well, yes. I think that being in America we get VERY spoiled. Things that are really luxuries are deemed as necessities in our culture. We have gone from people who scrapped to survive to a people who do everything in excess. We use the most resources out of any country on the planet. And it's because of this mentality that we (the United States) have dug ourselves into a $ 14 trillion dollar hole that will take years to get out of.

I'm saying all of this to make you reflect on what you think/know to be a necessity in life. The "American Dream" is no longer an innocent one. It once was just the land of opportunity and is now a place of get what you can, while you can get it. And if you can get it, you find a way to get it even if it's illegal. The United States is a statistical anomaly. According to a study done by Harvard University and the Asian Development Bank, 6.7% of the world's population holds degrees; only about half of the world has running water in their place of residence; and about 25 percent (1 in 4 people) of the world has NO access to electricity. These are just a few things that we as Americans see as something that we either need to or are supposed to have. There are countries where people live on just $125 for the month.

I urge you to step outside of your existence and think about how you live. Are you taking for granted your luxuries and making them out to be necessities? Not sure? Take a trip to another country less fortunate than your existence and you’ll begin to see how silly we are when we complain about something not being on sale, the McDonald’s drive-thru being too slow, or the A/C not working in your place of residence. Always remember that there are MILLIONS of people much less fortunate than you, sometimes they are next door.

Jodie Walton is a 2006 graduate of Liberty with a degree
in Audio Broadcasting. He has been serving the Center4ME
as Office Manager for 3 years. He is a native of Long Island,
NY, is the director of Bridging The Gap Urban Ministries, and
hosts the "Gospel Xcursion" Sunday nights from 7p-11p on
90.9 The Light. Visit him on Facebook.

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