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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

by John Swann, Associate Director

A throw back term is a very present reality.  Many families and relatives joke about the freshman 15, but it’s really not a joke at all. Currently the average student gains nine pounds during undergrad.  For those who are above average this could be ten pounds a year.  With obesity being one of America’s number one health risks this is a battle that the Christian church should rage war against. 

Many students come to Liberty at a fair weight.  During Freshman Seminar week some students try to eat their weight in ice cream in the cafeteria.  Also there is unlimited pizza, burgers, fries and all the soda you can drink.   In light of this information most students eat all they want thinking they will keep their figure from high school.  The only conflict is, while in high school we played sports and did other things to burn calories.  So all that delicious food that never impacted our body has now turned into an extra roll, a spare tire or too many chins.

I know some of you may ask what makes him qualified to talk about this matter?  I am glad you asked.  I came to Liberty and gained almost 50 pounds during my four year experience here.  I did no exercise and ate buffet every day in the cafeteria.  Let me also say there wasn’t a workout facility like the LaHaye Recreation and Fitness Center, but there were only three places on campus to eat – the main cafeteria, the Hanger Food Court and the C-Store, unlike now. 

There are great resources on campus to help you from gaining the 9 to 40 happy pounds in undergrad.  The LaHaye Recreation and Fitness Center is on campus and staffed with some of the best trainers and personal trainings on the market.  There are fitness classes for those who like aerobics, and there is even a spin class.  There are health professors and majors who will sit down with you and teach you what is good or bad for you to eat. 

It’s important to leave here in better shape than the way that you came.  If not it will be like being locked in Wal-Mart and starving to death.  There are awesome tools on campus to help you achieve your healthy goal weight.  I will close with this, if you put good stuff in your body, you will get good stuff back, if you put junk in, you will get junk back.

John Swann comes to us from Paterson, NJ 
by way of Hampton, VA. He is a 2004 graduate of
Liberty and is husband to the former Daniela Flood.
In addition to his work in the Center4ME, he also serves
as pastor of Ebenezer AME Church in
Roanoke, VA. Visit him on Facebook.

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