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Saturday, January 15, 2011

by John Swann, Associate Director

Well, it’s here - the start of a new semester. In the words of Russell Simmons, “It’s time to go to work” in an excerpt from the book, Super Rich Simmons suggests that you must go to work every day to be successful. As students going to work is really the only reason you are here. You have been sent here by parents, guardians, friends, churches, and loved ones to get a higher education. When you go to work you are supposed to be prepared.
Being prepared entails having all of the things you need to succeed. That means buy your books, notebooks, pens, pencils, and everything else you need to succeed. For some of us this will mean finding friends/mentors to keep you accountable. Remember, your one single purpose in coming here to LU is to go to work. You have to be prepared to succeed at work.
Your syllabus is your best friend, if you read it and plan you will have success. Most students have a smart phone. I know many just like the games, facebook mobile, Twitter mobile and the thousands of applications that can be downloaded. I would suggest be smart and use your smart phone to help you manage your workload. When you get your syllabus, sit down and input all of your assignments into your calendar. Most students have their LU email linked to their cell phones. Well your LU email comes with a calendar; you can type all of your assignments into your Microsoft Outlook Calendar and sync it to your phone. Now you can have all of your assignments with you at all times.
Beware of distractions; distractions come to push you off of your A game. Distractions can be your cell phone, facebook, twitter, home life, ministry and etc. The average person spends 7 hours a month on facebook; we can possibly triple that for college students. Web communities are good networking tools but, limit yourself to just a few minutes a day. I know many are not going to agree that ministry can be a distraction, but it can. Ministry is great, but you must remember why you are here. You are here to go to work, get your degree and go to the next level in life.
Eating right is the next important thing to going to work. You have to eat the right foods in order to be alert and awake at work. Obesity is a real illness; it leads to diabetes, hypertension, and a host of other illnesses. We have to eat food that will give us what we need to function at an optimal performance.
Exercise is also good to help you prepare for work. Get in shape if you can. You pay about $300 plus in activity fees, so utilize the LaHaye Student Center that is stacked with treadmills, elliptical, free weights, nautilus and other machines that will help whip you into shape. There is an Olympic pool, hot tub, basket ball courts, a rock climbing wall and table tennis. All of these things exist so that you can get in shape. Exercise relieves stress and can help you go to work.
Lastly sleep, rest is something that we all need. I would suggest getting at least 6 to 8 hours a night. Sleep is important. Being well rested will ensure that you are ready to go to work. Also, getting enough rest can help keep your body in balance. Now that you have these tips whether you are a second semester freshman or a rising senior this will help you prepare to go to work. Also if you missed it work is class!

John Swann come to us from Paterson, NJ 
by way of Hampton, VA. He is a 2004 graduate of
Liberty and is husband to the former Daniela Flood.
In addition to his work in the Center4ME, he also
serves as pastor of Ebenezer AME Church in
Roanoke, VA. Visit him on Facebook.

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