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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

by Daveta Saunders, Associate Director

I have to be honest, if I lived the desires of my fleshly nature, I would live in a manner that truly contradicts the Word of God. I probably would go in and out of this mode, in which I would think and dwell on thoughts that I know are not pure. My thought pattern at times would be opposing Philippians 4:8 and truly be like the man tossed to and fro mentioned in James 1:6.  Hence, a thought pattern full of confusion, in turn produces actions full of confusion.  I more than likely would also be the most prideful person ever, which is not respectable for any Christian or leader in general.
One way of many ways that I recently have been using to counteract the “fleshly me” is through my personal campaign via my Facebook statuses called, “GetOverYourself.” The statuses usually start with either one of these opening phrases, “On this day I’m getting over myself by” or “overcoming me this day by.” After that opening phrase, I usually list something that I’m going to do and attach a scripture that supports my reasoning for doing that particular action. For clarity, here are a few examples of my GetOverYourself proclamations.
Overcoming me this day by, depending not on my intellect, talents, and gifts but on
the guidance and sustainability of God. Matthew 6:33 (GetOverYourselfDay2)
Overcoming me on this day by utilizing the spiritual gift/ fruit of the spirit/ weapon in my spiritual armor called FAITH-a complete confidence and trust in God. 2 Corinthians 5:7 (GetOverYourselfDay4)
On this day I'm getting over myself by letting the Lord "Rebuild ME." Psalm 51:10-12. (GetOverYourselfDay13)
The purpose of this campaign is simply to walk in the spirit by living out Galatians 5:16 which states from the New Living Translation of the Bible, “So I say, let the Holy Spirit guide your lives. Then you won’t be doing what your sinful nature craves.” Another reason behind this campaign of mine is to, “let the spirit of God renew my thoughts and attitudes,” as commanded in Ephesians 4:23. 
I praise God for the power in the word of God that we can use to fight the lies that Satan attempts to plant within our minds. I remember placing a quote on my Facebook status asking the question, “What is the main sex organ?” I’m sure some people that pondered that question drifted in a direction they would not want to be mentioned, but the main sex organ is your brain aka your mind! So, truly as a friend of mine, SaulPaul, would say, “Get your mind right, now, now, now!”
With all that said, I want to challenge you to get over yourself this day and everyday that follows. What will be your quote that you can speak aloud or put on your Facebook status so you can hold yourself accountable? Please recognize, if it’s on your status, your Facebook friends also can hold you accountable to your statement of how you are going to get over yourself. This campaign may sound childish to some, but you will be surprised how getting over yourself affects not just you but others that are around you.  Hence, what’s wrong with being selfless versus selfish? In addition if you get over yourself daily, you will start bearing more good fruit in your life (Matthew 7:17-20). So, from me, your sister in Christ, I just want to tell you “get over yourself!”

Daveta Saunders is a 2004 graduate of Liberty and received her Master's from
LU in 2007. She is an author and hosts a radio program called "The TakeOver,"
which airs every Friday night from 10PM-1AM on the campus radio station,
90.9FM The Light

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