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Friday, March 12, 2010 JETS TEAMS 2010 Results

The School of Engineering and Computational Sciences (SECS) hosted the JETS TEAMS 2010 competition on Thursday, March 4, 2010 for regional high schools. 

TEAMS is an annual theme-based competition giving students in grades 9-12 the opportunity to use the practical applications of math and science to answer engineering questions about everyday world challenges.  The theme for 2010 was Water, Water, Everywhere. 

The following awards were presented:

  • 1st place in Division 1 for 9th/10th grade: New Covenant Schools
  • 1st place in Division 1 for 11th/12th grade: New Covenant Schools
  • 1st place in Division 2 for 9th/10th grade: Holy Cross Regional School

More information on the Junior Engineering Technical Society (JETS) and TEAMS can be found at their website


Total teams: 12
Total 9th/10th Grade teams: 4
Total 11th/12th Grade teams: 8

9th/10th Grade Level

Average Level Score: 27
Division: 1
Average Division Score: 33
New Covenant Schools (A)
Lynchburg, VA
Coach: Scott McCurley
Competition Site: Liberty University
Division: 2
Average Division Score: 25
Greenbrier Christian Academy (A)
Chesapeake, VA
Coach: Robert Gibbs
Competition Site: Norfolk State University
Holy Cross Reg School (A)
Lynchburg, VA
Coach: Elizabeth Lyng
Competition Site: Liberty University
Division: 7
Average Division Score: 28
Orange County High School (A)
Orange, VA
Coach: Linda Reith
Competition Site: The George Washington University

NOTE: State Rankings are subject to change until all competitions in that state have taken place and scores have been submitted.


A team's Part 1 score determines its state ranking with respect to its state, level and division. The "Best in State" ranking is awarded to the highest Part 1 score in the state, regardless of division.

Looking for your team's Part 1 score? Please contact your competition host or log into your coach online account.


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