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Tuesday, January 22, 2013 Old Friends and News Experiences

Last week, I returned to campus to begin my fourth semester as a Liberty Flame. When returning from a refreshing break to begin a new semester, I always look forward to spending time with old friends and enjoying the new experiences that the semester has to offer.

When I came to Liberty in the fall of 2011, I knew no one but my twin sister, but after three semesters, I have met many people and developed friendships that will last a lifetime. Last week, I enjoyed being back with my friends once again and spending time with them around campus and over the weekend.

Along with some great times with old friends, this semester is offering new experiences. Last week, I began several classes that I’m looking forward to taking this semester.

Each semester at Liberty is filled with new experiences. (Photo by Joel Coleman)

A couple of my favorite classes are Copy Editing and Announcing with Professor Bruce Kirk. Professor Kirk had an incredible career in the broadcasting industry. According to his biography, he worked in nearly every position in news. Throughout his 33-years in his field, he interviewed three Presidents and won six television Emmy’s.  

I’m already enjoying learning about writing and announcing from a professor, who has had so much experience in his area.

Copy Editing and Announcing are just two of the classes I’m taking this semester. Along with several other classes, I’m ready to take on Video Production with Professor Bill Dewhurst. Professor Dewhurst also has a lot of experience in his field. He has even produced video for networks like CNN and the History Channel.

I’ve learned a lot about video production through classes and experiences I’ve had at Liberty, but this class will give me the opportunity to take video to the next level. I honestly can’t wait!

I can't wait to take video production to the next level this semester! (Photo by Bryan Croson/90 Seconds)

Along with the new classes I’ve mentioned, a practicum with the Liberty Champion is also offering me new experiences. The Liberty Champion is Liberty’s school newspaper, and I’m going to have the opportunity to write for its news section throughout the semester. I’m looking forward to interviewing people around campus and sharing stories through the paper this semester.

In college, each semester is a lot different from the last, but I usually enjoy the same things-great times with old friends and new experiences. At the beginning of each semester, I never know what to expect, but, as the weeks go by, I’m always pleasantly surprised.

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