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Friday, January 18, 2013 Keeping up With the Times

Throughout my time at Liberty, I have noticed that my school is constantly working to improve itself and keep everything up-to-date. Liberty is always building a new building and making changes for the better. Technology is rapidly advancing, and, as usual, Liberty is doing an excellent job at keeping up with the times. I have found Liberty's excellent technology in several places.

On Campus

Liberty has a two-story computer lab filled with hundreds of computers for students. Many of the computers even have advanced software for specific majors. I have taken a couple of video classes, and the technology in the computer lab has been a big help. Getting the computer and software I need for my classes would likely cost me around $2000, but I have everything I need available to me on campus.

The computer lab offers great tools for learning. (Photo Courtesy of Liberty University)

In the Classroom

Along with the tools I need in the computer lab, I’ve noticed great integration of technology in the classroom. All of my professors are equipped with the latest technology, and they do a good job using it! My professors have used power points, texting polls, and even Twitter and Facebook as learning tools. It’s great to have technology available in the classroom and professors who take advantage of it. 


When it comes to online technology, Liberty is hard to beat. I can handle all of my account settings, view all the information I need for my classes, and do much more on Liberty's website. The website has many tools that have made my life as a student much easier. Yesterday, my school introduced the myLU Portal. Now I can view nearly everything I need for college in one place. In fact, I can even customize my page to include exactly what I want it to!

On My Phone

When I’m away from a computer, I can still access nearly everything I need for school. Liberty has two mobile apps called Liberty Today and myLibertyU. I've really enjoyed having Blackboard, on-campus maps, news, and much more right in my pocket.

Liberty's mobile apps have allowed me to take school on-the-go. (Photo Courtesy of Liberty University)

At Liberty, I have seen how useful technology can be in education. I have the tools I need for my classes available to me in the computer lab, professors that integrate technology in the classroom, a website that provides the information I need, and a mobile app for taking school on-the-go. With all of these useful forms of technology, Liberty is definitely keeping up with the times!

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