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Wednesday, December 5, 2012 Having Too Much Fun

I’m sure that you’ve heard the phrase, “It isn’t work, when you’re doing what you love.” Throughout this semester, I’ve found this phrase to be true. I have done a lot of work but it hasn’t felt like work, because I’ve been doing what I love.

Each one of us has a God-given passion for something. The great thing about college is that you get the opportunity to pursue the field that you are passionate about. I am studying Broadcast Journalism, and my semester has been filled with classes and opportunities that relate to my passion.

This semester, I was able to take a couple of communication classes that were a lot of fun.

In “Writing for Mass Communications,” I learned  about writing for the many areas of mass communication. My professor, Mrs. Amy Bonebright, was a newspaper reporter and chief editor before she returned to Liberty to teach. She taught me a lot about writing for print and broadcast journalism, as well as public relations.

Mrs. Bonebright even uses a Twitter account to tweet out assignments and communicate with students!

The class opened up a whole new world of mass communication for me. I had a great time learning about the essentials of good writing and putting the techniques to practice that I hope to use for years to come.

I also took a class called “Professional Communication.” My professor, Dr. Randall Pruitt, was a consultant for a communication firm, and he has been involved in education for many years. In his class, I learned a lot about communication in the workplace and public speaking.

Dr. Pruitt’s class was challenging but also rewarding. Toward the beginning of the semester, I gave a presentation on nonverbal communication, and I recently worked with a team to give a final presentation. Together we prepared for and gave a 45 minute presentation on workplace politics. The presentation took a lot of work, but working with my teammates was a blast.

Along with a couple of interesting classes, I enjoyed pursuing a couple of opportunities that I am passionate about. Last summer, I received an email about an opportunity to work in video production for Liberty Athletics.

With little experience in video, I was blessed with the opportunity to become involved with the live production of many games this semester. I’ve had the chance to operate cameras for soccer, field hockey and basketball; run instant replay; operate the video board in the Vines Center for basketball; and assist a cameraman as a grip for football games.

I had a great time working with football camera operator, Sam Farnsworth. (Photo by Brian Croson/90 Seconds)

I’ve had an absolute blast pursuing this incredible opportunity. I’ve loved being immersed in the great atmosphere of college sports and learning a lot about video production.

Along with being a part of live production for sports, I enjoyed taking an exciting practicum. I was blessed with the opportunity to be a host videographer for a show called “Top Plays around Liberty.” I was able to learn a lot by filming opening segments for the show that will begin playing in convocation next semester. 

Throughout this semester, I’ve been busy with a lot of work, but it hasn’t felt as much like work, because I’ve been doing what I love. With interesting classes and opportunities to do what I am passionate about, this semester has almost been too much fun!

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