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Thursday, January 31, 2013 Can You Get Benefits From Watching Sports?

….because I definitely think you should.

This weekend I went for the water themed sports. First up was the Lady Flames swim team. With NCAA Division I Swimming being a fairly new program at Liberty (they hosted and competed in their first NCAA Division I swim meet back in October 2010), the scheduling has only allowed for a couple home meets per season. This past weekend included both of the home meets, so of course I couldn’t miss the opportunity to see the Flames in action.


Having been a member on my high school’s swim team, I really enjoy watching the meets. Let me tell you, our swim team is awesome. Not to mention, the atmosphere is pretty unique. Everyone is crammed into the pool’s concrete-walled building, which echoes like none other, and when you have to cheer louder so the swimmers can hear you under water? Well it gets pretty noisy in that tiny space. Liberty handily won both of their home meets, defeating Duquesne 164-98 on Friday and Marshall 119-81 on Saturday.


Later that night, I switched focus from athletes in water to athletes on water – solid water that is. The men’s hockey team played a two game series against the University of Arizona, and being that Courtney is a) from Arizona and b) roots for UA, well we just couldn’t miss it. Liberty had lost to Arizona the night before, so they took the ice Saturday night looking for revenge.


Right from the start the game was aggressive, but the Flames found the back of the net first to lead 1-0. And when Arizona answered by tying the score, Courtney was the only one cheering. Ya gotta give the girl props for that ;) Arizona tried to sneak ahead, but Liberty held on for a decisive 5-2 win. Needless to say, I basically spent all day watching sports thanks to Liberty’s huge athletics program. And if it weren’t for dreaded homework assignments, there was even the option for a double header men's and women's basketball game in the afternoon.

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