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Friday, January 18, 2013 A Special Post About SNOW!

Liberty finally got some snow!! After days and days of rainy weather, the temperature dropped enough to turn that rain into snow. And let me tell you, snow looks good on Liberty. Personally, I think we should have it more often ;)

The prayer chapel - one of my favorite pictures from the night.

The view from our window - it was kind of like we were in a snow globe, haha.

And so of course the only option when there’s 5-inches of snow and counting? GO PLAY IN IT!! I felt like such a little kid asking my roommates “Will you go outside and play with me?” It took only a little bit of convincing before the three of us were all bundled up and ready to play.

When we got outside, it was like a winter wonderland. I think snow is one of those age-reversers where even older adults can act like giddy little kids. We stomped around in the snow, stuck out our tongue in hopes of catching a snowflake (which, btw, the flakes were HUGE!), and we made snow angels. There were kids using plastic storage bins as makeshift sleds while others would just run and dive down the hill without anything. The ground was completely covered in snow, and it was the perfect type of snow for making snowballs and snowmen. So we decided to do just that!

While our snowmen were happily enjoying each other’s company, we went on a tour of the campus. Random confession: I love to eat snow. And there was plenty of it to delight in while we walked around. It was always one of my favorite things to do as a kid when we’d get snow at home, and the enjoyment never subsided as I got older. Weird, I know…but anyway, here’s a look at the campus!

Once our clothes were soaked through and our fingers numb and red from the cold, we headed back inside. It’s a good thing we went out and enjoyed it though because the sun showed its face today and has already melted a good portion of it! Here’s hoping for more snow and maybe even a snow day! :)

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