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Friday, December 14, 2012 "Now Boarding Zone 5, Headed to Portland."

So I’m writing to you from some 35,000 feet in the air while we watch 27 Dresses. Courtney and I have made it a tradition to watch our favorite chick flick whenever we fly together. Okay well actually, right now I’m having to re-watch the ending because I feel asleep earlier :) But I’m not complaining.  I mean, can you ever have too much James Marsden?? Currently we’re headed to Phoenix and from there I’ll meet up with my best friend from high school (who also goes to Liberty) for the last flight home to Portland, Oregon.

We were having a little too much fun creepin' on the person sleeping behind us :)

It’s crazy to think that this is the last round trip ticket I’ll have to buy at Liberty. Whether I fly home or drive home after graduation in five months, I won’t be planning a return trip. And that’s just weird. As I look back on this semester, I am in awe at how God as shown His hand. From the little things like showing mercy on my test scores when I didn’t study as well as I should have, to the big things like providing an answer to a prayer that I had been praying for for months. I think this is the semester and year that God is keeping me on edge. I’m still not sure what I’m doing after graduation, whether I’ll be heading off to graduate school in another part of the country, going on some crazy mission trip somewhere unexpected, or snagging an internship with one of my dream jobs that will lead to a permanent career.

But alas, all that stuff will get figured out in time….for right now I’m just gonna thoroughly enjoy being home for Christmas break. Which means reading lots of books, catching up on every single episode of Suits, and maybe working on my Honors Thesis…maybe ;)

And just a couple more pictures for your viewing pleasure....


Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and I'll be back in 2013!

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