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Wednesday, November 28, 2012 Three Chicas and An Empty Campus

I should tell you up front that this is like a children’s book blog-style (a.k.a.. lots of pictures…yay!)

So while everyone else headed home or to a friend’s house for Thanksgiving break, three girls stayed on campus. Left to fend for ourselves and create our own adventures, we took full advantage of having the campus completely to ourselves. You think that’s understatement….it’s not.

To be honest, this was not how I pictured I would be spending my last Thanksgiving break here at Liberty. I was quite bitter about it, actually. It’s always hard when you can feel the anxiousness spread throughout campus as people talk about going home and seeing their families or about the excitement of meeting their significant other’s family. But fear not, we are living proof that even in a seemingly dire circumstance it’s still possible to have a blast.

Let’s begin:

For Thanksgiving break 2012,
three crazy girls were left all by themselves.
They stocked up on books and movies and food…
“This is going to be great!” they were forced to conclude.

Our best finds: Ocean's Eleven for $3 and popcorn for $1

They bought holiday drinks with the ‘Post in hand.
And smiled because it was peppermint season in Starbucks land.

Restlessness took over for these non-Southern belles,
So they appeased it with these delectable smells.

The leaves were all changing and falling to the ground,
Who could resist the chance to throw them around?

Then one had an idea, ‘Let’s make cookies! In the microwave!”
'Twas an experiment that nearly sent them to the grave.


On Thanksgiving eve, they embraced ghetto…
It ended with a music video, and singing falsetto.

As for the video...I've been strictly forbidden to share it.

For the real holiday, though, they were amongst friends.
The parade, dog show, food, and football was the perfect blend.

mmm so yummy

Black Friday shopping gave them movies galore
And after that spree they were poorer than poor.

All I'm sayin' is I better marry someone who loves movies. Ha.

But the fun wasn’t over, oh no no no
The mall was up next...true story, bro!

Bright-eyed and bushy tailed.

After two in the morning they came back to the dorm
Sleepy but victorious after facing the swarm.

Saturday supplied nine hours of football,
Though most disappointing, Notre Dame didn’t fall.

Love my Ducks!

(Photo courtesy of Oregon Football's Facebook page)

And so finally, with one last night to celebrate,
Cook-Out seemed the perfect reason to stay out late.

[But I was a failure and didn’t take a picture]

Sunday was spent as all Sundays are:
Doing mounds of homework at a level sub-par 

But now the halls are once again filled,

...and I’m done with rhyming ;)
Only two weeks till Christmas break!

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