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Thursday, November 15, 2012 A Special Last Football Game

Not only was this past Saturday Liberty’s last home football game of the regular season, but it was also my very last football game at Liberty. Well, unless I come back for homecoming :)

In addition to being the last home game, there were some other celebrations going on. For one, it was Military Appreciation Day. Liberty is a very pro-military school, and they always make sure to express their appreciation for those who serve our country.

Trees with yellow ribbons lined Liberty's main road through campus.

(Photo by Cali Lowdermilk, Liberty University Photographer)

During halftime, Liberty did a special tribute to all of the people who had served in the military, were currently serving, or were preparing to serve. The band even did a unique halftime performance where they played through the anthems of each of the military branches. Afterward, the George Rogers Champion of Freedom Award was given to Tim Lee who, coincidentally, had just spoken to us in Convo a couple days earlier. You can read Mark’s take on that here.

(Photo by Joel Coleman, Liberty University Photographer)

Following the band’s performance and Tim Lee’s award, Charles Billingsley sang God Bless America and there was a reenactment of the iconic second raising of the flag on Iwo Jima. Events like this always get to me and make me remember how blessed we are to live in a country that allows us freedom through the sacrifice of so many men and women. Seeing the flags from each branch next to the American flag, the oversized American flag on the side, the reenactment of a monumental photographed moment in war history, and then hearing the explosion of fireworks was just so cool.

(Photos by Colin Mukri and Barney Davis, Liberty University)

But the celebrations didn’t stop there. You see, it was also Senior Day so all the seniors on the football team, cheerleading squad, and in the band were acknowledged for their dedication to their respective program. A lot of the football players have been in my classes throughout the years so it was especially neat to see them be recognized their achievements. I also had a special affinity for the band seniors because had I returned to band this year, that would have been me out there too; standing and marching with my peers from freshman year. So that was a little bittersweet. 

The band seniors, many of whom have done marching band since high school!

(Photo courtesy of the Liberty University Marching Band)

The game ended with an awesome 28-14 victory over the Seawolves. Watching the band perform their halftime show one last time after the game made me think how crazy it is that graduation is right around the corner. I know, I know, six months is a lot of time, but this semester has already flown by so fast. And each time something gets added to the “My last…” list, I’m reminded of how much Liberty has become like a second home.

It was a perfect last game!

All I know is I’m gonna be bawling like a baby on May 11th ;)

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