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Thursday, November 8, 2012 Define Yourself

This week included the second of three sessions in the Lahaye Student Union’s Wellness Series, and it focused on body image. Imma tell you upfront that conveying this whole "you're beautiful the way you are" thing is not my forte, but I'll do my best ;)

Leslie Hoglund, an adjunct professor here at Liberty in the Health Professions Department, led the session. Leslie also works for the Virginia Department of Health and has a great inspirational story for healthy living and internalizing a positive self-body image.

She started the class by showing us this picture and asking how we define ourselves:

....good question.

While the class was mostly geared toward females, body image can also affect the guys around us. Leslie led us in some discussion about what we think of when we hear the words “body image” and what kind of factors influence how we view ourselves. She posited the idea that body image is directly related to our health and our relationship with God. Not only that, but body image doesn’t just deal with physical appearances. When we constantly have a negative view of ourselves and our accomplishments and our capabilities, we put ourselves at a greater risk for developing depression, anxiety, stress, and other harmful health issues. The shame that can develop from “not measuring up” can lead us to distance ourselves from God. And by saying that not even the loving God of the Bible could accept us, we are essentially de-godding God. And, well, that’s just not cool.

So what’s the solution to this problem of negative self-image? Leslie challenged us to develop a heartfelt, authentic appreciation for who we are through God. This starts by determining the times when you think the best about yourself. In fact, Leslie pointed out that those times are usually when you have done something healthy. Like when we eat a nutritious meal or workout or do something that puts someone else’s needs ahead of our own. The positive thinking that results isn’t appearance based, it’s action based. Actions that God points us toward throughout the Bible. Besides, technically your physical appearance is constantly changing as your body renews its cells daily. So why determine your worth on something that’s so fickle?

Remember, God has created us in His image (Genesis 1:27), and that is most incredible image of all.

(Photo by T.J. Mousetis)

The third, and final, installment of the Wellness Series...haha, that makes it sound like a movie :) ...will be on December 3rd and will cover the topic of exercising! And that is my forte! :)

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