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Tuesday, November 6, 2012 A Different Pace of Craziness

I wish I could report to you about yet another activity filled weekend that would have necessitated everything but the ability to be in two places at once. But alas, not all weekends are like that. Sometimes, you have to be a grown up. Yuck :(

So in preparation for this thing called adulthood after I graduate in May, I invested in a 15-hour workshop (yup, you read that right, fifteen hours) to help me increase my chances of passing the ACSM Health Fitness Specialist certification test. It’s a required certification for graduation from the Kinesiology program, and it is no small task.

And thus I said goodbye to both my Friday and Saturday. Sigh.

The workshop covered everything from exercise physiology (all the muscle cells and stuff) to exercise programming for general and special populations (like people with arthritis, asthma, etc). Considering that this was about four years of information all crammed into fifteen hours, my brain was so packed with knowledge it was practically flowing out of my ears.

To add to the craziness, it was also College For A Weekend and so the campus was packed with what felt like twice as many people. CFAW is a great opportunity for high school students, or students considering transfering to Liberty, to come check out the campus and see what Liberty is really like. The main events were the Switchfoot concert on Friday and the football game Saturday, but there were also many smaller activities going on throughout the weekend.

Students packed out the Vines Center for the Switchfoot Concert
(Photo courtesy of Student Activities)

Liberty beat Charleston Southern 26-12!
(Photo by Les Schofer courtesy of Liberty University)

Then on Monday there was a lot of hype surrounding Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney’s rally at the Lynchburg Airport. Tons of students took part in what many considered a “once in a lifetime” opportunity. Unfortunately, Monday was also the day I took my certification test so I wasn’t able to attend the rally. Good news, though! I PASSED! God is so good!

And now today, election day, the campus is buzzing with excitement as students are heading to the Vines Center to cast their vote in what is for many their first presidential election. All around campus people are proudly sporting their, “I Voted” stickers and are encouraging others to do the same. Go vote!

In Oregon we do mail-in ballots!

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