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Monday, February 4, 2013 Word of the Week - Organized

Is it sad that I had to scroll through my tweets this week to think of a good "word of the week"? Eh, probably.

It's just been one of those weeks where I can't remember - for the life of me -  what happened on Monday..or Tuesday...or this morning for that matter. That, my dear blog readers, is why I chose the word "organized." If I didn't decide to keep a calendar on my wall with academic due dates or sticky notes on my laptop to remind me of the list of things to do today - homework, grocery shopping, e-mails, cleaning, etc. - I would entirely at a loss and probably kicked out of the honors program, for sure. My system may be unconventional, but it works for me.

Here's the down-low on my not-so-organized life:

Step 1: Write out all major papers, projects, presentations, and bill paying dates on my wall calendar. Use different colored markers or pens for visual appearance and separation. As long I check those every day..or every two days, I'll be good to keep track.

I'm not a planner person..never have been..but if it floats your boat, this girl is great at organizing her life with a planner

Step 2: Put all small group activities, team meetings, and social events in my cell phone calendar (with beeping reminders) so I have those handy to look at all times. This way I don't over commit when people ask me if I have time to meet and such things. Scan... Check. "No ma'am, I cannot go watch people roll around on the floor 'playing' what you call Jiu Jitsu for two hours tonight just because you think it's intriguing...I have a 25 page paper due Monday" Good choice #1...

Step 3: If you have a PC, there's pop-up sticky notes that stay on your desktop all day. These are great to outline all the things you need to accomplish TODAY. What I've learned is that long-term planning is fine, but taking each small-sized homework assignment (I'm talking readings, discussion boards, and response questions) one day at a time helps lower stress levels. "Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself" - Matt. 6:34a - - > Except long papers and such - you might want to plan a week for those. Cut out chunks to do every night and count each night as an accomplished milestone! Bravo!

My desktop today - A 'To do' list and an encouraging verse to keep my head on track. 

Step 4: When I get home from classes, work, etc. I make sure to unload all the things in my backpack and put them away..or at least on the table in a stack. When I walk by later, I have another visual reminder of my pending homework...and life. 

Step 5: Check Blackboard (online class portal) and e-mail every night before bed. Sometimes, the teacher can cancel class the night before or push back a due-date that may change how you plan your entire next day. Also, look at your grades too. Rarely, but possibly, a grade can be posted wrong, and if left without notification, can be permanent (whether that's a bad thing or's still integrity) I know too many people who neglect this step and then are left making excuses in class - it's embarrassing. Stay on top of both!

Step 6: At the beginning of this semester, I wrote out a detailed time slot schedule that planned out every minute of my day. It's not a set-in-stone kind of thing, but with new classes, new places to be, and blocked time periods, some people often never get a chance to eat because they didn't plan ahead. 

Step 7: Block-schedule classes. If you're taking a standard 15 credits, plan 3 on Mon/Wed/Fri and 2 on Thurs/Thurs, and plan them back-to-back, if possible. It saves so much time when you're not up for a 7:40 am class then have an awkward 3 hour break until your next class at 11:25 am and  then end your day with a 3:45 pm class that could've all been done in a matter of 3 hours in the morning. Done. 

My block schedule from last year. Although I couldn't get my Tues/Thurs classes all together, I used that 2 hour-ish break to finish homework or readings and eat lunch before class. I also added 2 online classes, which freed up in-class time.

For best results, follow all the steps and cater to your individual needs as a type-A or type-B person. Fact of the matter is that 1) you just need to remember what needs to be done, 2) take responsibility if you don't, and 3) try your best to stick to your obligations and commitments.

That's building an A+ reputation and probably a solid report card!


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