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Wednesday, January 30, 2013 Rain? Snow? Sleet? Sure, we got it!

Even Hurricanes. Well, sort of. 

Simply stated, Virginia weather is semi-all-over-the place. If you haven't noticed, it's winter. It's supposed to be winter, at least. I'm not opposed to gorgeous weather or even 20 degree snow days, but when both come within 3 days of each other, I get a little confused about Yes, my life ;)

Over my time here I have come to realize that Liberty is placed in the most strategic place to experience all sorts of weather from the rare tornado and random snowstorms to even the small chances of hurricanes. It's epic. For example, this past week was eventful. After a 3 inch snow fall from the week before, I was hoping for some sunshine. Nah, 25 degrees as the high is cool too. All week. 

By Friday, it was snowing again..but just a wee bit. Either way, it was great to get a half day of school. I'm a southerner, and I am proud to say that I don't know how to drive in snow, so if Liberty feels the need to let out in one inch, by all means! Yes...

Woke up today, Tuesday - 70 degree high. Sun was bright! Coming out of the gym this morning at 8 am almost blinded my poor, delicate eyes. (Wonderful, glorious sun, I've missed you) Hoping it to last a while, I checked the forecast only to notice yet another a cold front, 32 degree high for Friday, and what? snow again? By all means...but it gets better! What is the menu for Wednesday? 

Definitely using the bus...

Photo from:

Do not get me wrong, this weather is totally exciting! It keeps me on my wardrobe toes - pack a coat today? Oh, flip flop weather? Umbrella in the trunk? Always! It's as unique as the school itself is! Enjoy this progression of Liberty/Lynchburg weather - cheers!

Thursday, January 17 - Late-afternoon snow, what a lovely occasion!

Photo by: Joel Coleman/Liberty University

Friday, January 25 - Snow flurries to make for a slushy situation

Photo by: Cali Lowdermilk/Liberty University

January 28 - The sky got tired, so it took a break and showed it's true, beautiful colors

Photo by: @lauraverde12 

January 29 - Goodbye snow! Hello gorgeous sunshine!

Photo by: @jloeblein 

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