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Monday, December 10, 2012 A Week in My Life

Ever wonder what a week of finals looks like? Well...I can't help you too much there because (praise the Lord!) I didn't even have any! I know, I know it's crazy...UNHEARD OF! But, never fear, I took the week to document my life so that you can see what really goes on during the last week of a semester. Total chaos? Stress? Fun? You be the judge...

Day 1 - Had to document the winter wonderland that is Liberty University. "City sidewalks, busy sidewalks, dressed in holiday style..."

Day 2 - Bowling! First time that I've been in years BUT managed to beat two men in the process. Aw yeah!


My friends said I had a girl-y bowling stance, but I didn't see it...
Day 3 - Any time is good for Thor time, only my most favorite movie ever!
Day 4 - Yes, there was, at least, some studying this week.  Oh wait, that's Pinterest!...No worries..
Day 4 - Real studying for my Psychology final quiz, which turned out to be a breeze
Day 5 - College night at Virginia Christmas Spectacular put on by TRBC. Learn more about that here.
Day 5 - Shopping for Operation Christmas Child and got a little distracted in the toy aisle. Oh no...
Day 6 - One of my favorite-est activities of the week: Christmas Coffeehouse! Here's the performance I thought was the best...or just the cutest..or just the best. Yes.
Day 6 - Found this giant tree in front of DeMoss. Ya, it's pretty large...and beautiful!
Day 7 - After all the studying and fun-ness and Wal-Mart escapades, I commenced home on a 17 hour, two-day drive. Definitely the nasty cherry on top of an awesome week! 
Seem fun? Interested? It's apply time! These pictures are just ONE week of the amazing things that go down as a student at Liberty. Seriously, only the best times. Peace out until January 14th! Enjoy your break! Merry Christmas to all and to all a great night...morning...or just whenever you read this. 

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